Ron to the Rescue, one more time! This time with the capable assistance of his nephew, Ricky Holland, working as a car salesman since returning from his mission. In the case of Eleanor, we’d offended Ron by buying the first vehicle he proposed. He really does love to shop. We did the same thing this time, but he seems resigned to it.
Eleanor’s daughter-in-law, Isabeau
Pretty, ain’t she? She should be: we named her after Isabeau Taillefer d’Angoulême, my twenty-fifth great-grandmother and one of the great beauties of the Middle Ages, Queen of England and eventually scandalous widow of Grandpa Bad King John. Therefore daughter-in-law of Grandma Eleanor of Aquitaine, another scandalous and world-beatingly gorgeous lady, Queen (successively) of both France and England, and namesake of the Eleanor who’d served us so uncomplainingly since our exile in Utah.
Note, please, behind her, the Eastern Redbud that we planted in our homesickness, in those early days. This late-April shot benefits from displaying the full vernal loveliness of its species.

At the same time, we planted a gorgeous horse-chestnut in the back yard. Both trees take us back to cherished New England memories. As I write (in 2020), the chestnut is about to burst forth into its springtime bounty of scarlet candles. No room on this page to show you those. When they’re full, I’ll snap them and fit them in.
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