Elder Tucker, off to Utah and Oklahoma
Continuing our family’s missionary tradition, our gentle grandson Tucker Gabriel* Anderson entered the Missionary Training Center on July 25, with an initial assignment to serve in the Utah Provo Mission. Until May 7, 2020, when COVID truncated his mission by one “transfer**” Tucker labored, first in the Mountain West and then in Oklahoma, faithfully reporting his doings in e-mails and photos sent to his mother Laura, who graciously forwarded them to a sizable list of friends and family. If you happen not to have been on that list, you’re welcome to request a copy from me. I’m going to fill this page and the next two or so with thumbnail photos and roughly representative quotations, to give you the flavor of his account.
I have confidence that the Lord does His work, and that He has given me an opportunity to participate, and to serve His children.
I don’t get how people actually bash. Just pretending to be a basher makes you sick. 

*I need to check to be sure Tucker knows the delightful meaning of his Hebrew middle name: Gabriel=Man of God.
**Latter-day Saint missionaries serve in multiple locations during their period of service, with “transfers” occurring every six weeks. At each transfer, some missionaries trade places and companions. A missionary will typically serve in a given location for several of these periods before being transferred to another.
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(Elder Tucker, in Utah and Oklahoma)
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