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Among the eleven children of Benjamin and Ruth Smith, we are of course particularly interested in our direct ancestor, 4th Great-Grandma Rebecca Smith and her husband Daniel Hurd. Grandma Rebecca is our earliest ancestor to carry our entire Mayflower heritage.

The Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots1 points us in the right direction: it lists “HURD, Daniel; Beach [sic] Plain Cem; Sandisfield MA 56…Vol.2, p.–Serial: 11999; Volume: 8.”

Through the kindness of my excellent new (as of 2005) friend Norton Fletcher (who resides, providentially, on Beech Plain Road in Sandisfield), here are Rebecca’s and Daniel’s stones, as they now (summer, 2005) appear in the cemetery at the other end of the road.

“In Memory of
Mr Daniel Hurd
Who died
March 18, 1814
Aged 70 Years”

“In Memory of
Mrs Rebecca Hurd
Wife to
Mr Daniel Hurd
[Died Sep 24 1806]”

1Hatcher, Patricia Law. Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots. [database on-line] Provo, UT:, 1999-. Original data: Hatcher, Patricia Law. Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vols. 1-4, Dallas, TX: Pioneer Heritage Press, 1987.
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