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According to Lapham,1 our 6GGF Nathan Munroe (1716-1792) a “… son of Joseph and Elizabeth, married Mercy Benjamin (1717-1785) in 1738 and built his house in what is now [ca. 1970] Mrs. Towle’s orchard on Westford Street in the Town of Carlisle, Massachusetts.”
Towle Field

This is Towle Field, part of the Towle Conservation Land across Westford Street to the south of the Munroe homesteads and nowadays west of Carlisle Center. In all likelihood, the house that stood here at the time of the Revolution was Granny Hepzibah’s Billerica birthplace. It’s ‘way west of Billerica Center.

At age 58 in 1775, Nathan was the oldest member of Carlisle’s Minute Company. His 20-year-old son, our Uncle Aaron Munroe, was one of the youngest. When the Second District of Carlisle was established in 1780, Nathan was listed among its founding officers.

I’ve put most of what we know about Nathan in my Carlisle section.

1Donald A. Lapham, Carlisle, Composite Community (Undated memoir, privately published; NEHGS copy bears author’s autograph and date of Nov. 14, 1970), p. 56.
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