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First cousin (1C8R) Lieutenant James Russell, son of Uncle (8GU) James and Aunt Susannah Farrer Russell, is credited with commanding Carlisle’s contingent of Minute Men at Concord Bridge. Ruth Wilkins’ version1 of the story:

“…Reuben Brown and Deacon Parkman had spread the news, and … the Minutemen were called together by the drum of Timothy Wilkins (Jr.) and the horn of James Kemp, to gather in front of the Meetinghouse. Then under an old Indian fighter, James Russell, they marched twenty-one strong over Estabrook Road to Concord.”

Then, as the generations developed, 3C6R James Sullivan Russell, a grandson of Lt. James Russell and his wife Lydia Potter, “was born in Carlisle in 1807 on Russell Street in the old house…"2 He taught mathematics for many years in the Lowell High School. In case you haven’t been keeping track, he was
  • James, son of
  • James, son of
  • James, son of
  • James.
The house would last another 96 years; James Sullivan Russell, about the same.
1Ruth Chamberlin Wilkins, Carlisle, Its History and Heritage. The Carlisle Historical Society, Inc. (Carlisle:1976), pp. 68-9.
2ibid., p.143.

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