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We’re only distantly related, by marriage, to the Reverend John Hancock, whose recruitment by our Cousin Matthew Bridge and others was a key element in the founding of Lexington, but you won’t want to come to this Ground without paying your respects.
The Reverend John lies under this impressive monument, in company with his successor and son-in-law, the Reverend Jonas Clarke, and their wives.

Jonas was a “high son of liberty” in 1775, and his influence was probably as important as that of Captain John Parker in inducing the men of Lexington to face the Redcoats on April 19.
Hancock built the Lexington Parsonage, now a museum called the Hancock/Clarke House, belonging to the Lexington Historical Society. Clarke’s family lived there in April, 1775, when John Hancock (the Reverend John’s grandson with the impressive signature) and Samuel Adams were their guests and primary targets of the Redcoat expedition.

A few steps to the left of the table monument, we find a much closer relative…

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