A President of Seventy
Anecdote #2: In those days, the adult daughter of a big-league baseball scout converted from Judaism to our Church, and he sent President Bushman a letter wanting to know more. So Jeff and I drove down to Coventry, Connecticut to respond to his questions. It was a pleasantinterview; I hope we helped. But I bring the trip up because Jeff deserves credit for a particular sacrifice. He was recovering from abdominal surgery, for cancer, I think, and we had to stop every half-hour or so, so that he could walk around the car. A characteristic example of his commitment.

Anecdote #3: Jeff prided himself on his poker-face. Tell him a howlingly-funny joke, and he’ll turn you a frustrating blank expression. We all resolved to find a way past his non-responsiveness. Well, it’s High Council night, and we Scoundrels are checking our mail in the lerk’s office and clearing up money matters with Financial Clerk Jeff, on our way into the adjacent
High Council chamber. Dick McFerson tells somebody else this one, with his back to Jeff:
I’m at a party at a private home in California. They’re having a terrible drought, and are only allowed three flushes a day. So, the hosts have set up discreet signs directing guests to the adjacent garden, as needed. The door slams open, and a guy rushes in, showing obvious distress and asking, “anybody got toilet paper?” (pause) paper towels? (pause) NAPKINS?? (pause) ANYBODY GOT TWO FIVES FOR A TEN???
Jeff, to whom this wasn’t explicitly directed, roars with unprecedented laughter, and everybody cheers. Later, in the middle of the meeting, through the louvers on the connecting door, we laugh to hear Jeff crack up again!
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Merrimack Stake
We moved less than ten miles north, but by crossing Route 128,* we left behind our familiar, mature Cambridge Ward and Boston Stake environment and adopted a substantially different Church home: the Billerica Ward of the Merrimack Stake. While Boston had had its stake since 1963, the Merrimack Stake had been organized only nine months before we moved there, near the end of Boyd Packer’s tenure as New England Mission President.
*Most of it has since been incorporated into Interstate 95.
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