Nauvoo, Carthage

The Carthage Jail (very much rehabilitated, these days)

After a pleasant visit and a stop at Little Big Horn, Pappy and Mammy returned to San Bernardino, and we younger generations pressed on to Boston.

Our path led through some significant historical places, where we made it a point to learn something and to take away some photographic record. Valerie (and of course Rick) had never visited any of these places before. I had, but nearly a decade earlier, and I lacked as yet any notion of the specific significance of some of them to our family history.

We got rather standard touristic shots of some key “Mormon”-history places in Nauvoo and nearby Carthage, Illinois.

Brigham Young’s home
(then, I think, privately owned and unoccupied)

Joseph Smith’s Mansion House

The Nauvoo House
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