Meet Hilary Rice, our next-door neighbor in 60-B. We have several pictures of her, partly because Valerie helped out with the budget by taking on baby-sitting, especially after Rick got properly started.

Hilary was also the granddaughter of the Governor of California, Edmund G “Pat” Brown. Her mother, the Governor’s daughter Kathleen Brown Rice1 (no tasteless puns here, please) and her husband were both pursuing degrees and needed help with child care.
The Rices subsequently moved to Harvard when we did, but nothing came of a few efforts to arrange a new series of “play dates” for Rick and Hilary.
1Kathleen has since served as California State Treasurer and has run unsuccessfully for Governor. Her brother Edmund G “Jerry” Brown, Jr., was Governor some years ago and, as I write this, has recently won the family job back yet again.
We still chuckle when we remember Pat Brown visiting his new granddaughter, although it annoyed us a bit at the time. A big shot like His Excellency The Governor, you see, couldn’t just drive his car into our rather cramped parking lot, park, and go in for some familialities. He descended, sirens reening, in a phalanx of black stretch limousines, none of which could fit into our parking spaces nor negotiate the tight turns into the lot. While the gubernatorial visitation was eventuating, none of the normal traffic could move. Don’t know whether anybody was late to class. Nor whether the security people would have given us an excuse note, if we’d needed one.
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