Here’s an extract from my missionary journal1, covering the training period.
[1] October 8, 1961
Returned from Provo & found luggage belonging to companion, Edwin Denney NeVille, on bed. The signs on the beds provided the information that they were to be occupied by Elders Suggs and Stout, Hawkes and Bennion, this last being Lynn Bennion from Harvard. Elders Suggs, Hawkes, NeVille were there in the morning and the rest joined us in class. We made a jolly crew.

10-9 Classes began 7:45 a.m. The first day we heard from President Moyle informing us of our duties; Richard L. Evans on preparation for the temple; Gordon B. Hinckley on accepted techniques of draft dodging; Bishop Vandenburg, the new Presiding Bishop of the Church, on his first assignment as a general authority, speaking in regard to tithing and fast offering; and various instructions and admonitions from President Richards, his son the foot doctor, and random returned missionaries.

General authorities who addressed us Tuesday were as follows: Milton R. Hunter on Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price; Ezra Taft Benson on making friends for the Church; Reed Bankhead on the Book of Mormon and the Bible.
[2] 10-11 Set apart at 9:30 a.m. by Elder Legrand Richards. He warned against temptation and exorted to obedience and diligence. Grandpa, Grandma, and Ruth came down and witnessed the blessing. A wonderful blessing — he answered all my questions. Remarkable old fellow, just as lovable as always. Instruction from Sister Richards in the afternoon on how to accomplish the various drudgeries associated with living on one's own.

10-12 Elder Critchlow gave instructions on performing ordinances; Dr. Parmely reconciled science and evolution; Boyd Packer did an excellent job of presenting teaching methods. Marion D. Hanks followed with study techniques. Spencer W. Kimball warned against wasting time.

10-13 Went through the temple; Harold B. Lee conducted a question and answer session in the Creation Room immediately after the session. Most inspirational and informational. S. Dilworth Young told us about the apostasy and restoration in the afternoon. Joseph Fielding Smith pontificated. Legrand Richards gave us a great deal of source material on the Book of Mormon. Dr. Hill gave a very erudite
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1I owe the fine condition of this journal to the sweet diligence of my darling fiancée Valerie. She kept the book, back in California and Utah, and I would send the entries with my weekly letters, so that she could copy them in her lovely handwriting. Then I threw her a bit of a curve, only a month later, when I started journalizing in French. She had only a classroom knowledge of the language, but she bravely and faithfully copied the entries. I think she shared my feeling that the process would help to hold us together.

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