For you whose eyes, like mine, have deteriorated, here’s something more like a close-up. This time, I’m in the middle, just a row above center.

I must confess that I recognize more faces here than I can now put names to. Lowell Hawkes, a lifelong friend, is fifth from the right in the front row of those standing, at the top of the picture. He still looks much the same. Sister Kathy Barnes, the little blonde nearest the lower right corner went to France, and I saw her again (as Kathy Luke, with her husband) at the French Mission reunion last October (2008); she still sports a nice smile, over a half-century later.
In Salt Lake City, we attended a week-long intensive training program, studying our assigned languages and beginning to memorize the “door approach” and the six “discussions” that we would repeat to all the French people who would take the time to listen to us. And the leaders of the Church (First Presidency, Council of Twelve Apostles, Assistants to the Twelve, and others) addressed us in turn with wisdom, encouragement and inspiration.
I remember particularly Elder Richard L. Evans of the Twelve, then long the sonorous voice providing the Spoken Word in the Tabernacle Choir’s Sunday-morning broadcasts, as he caressed the microphone and told us it was his Stradivarius… He would later preside over Rotary International, when Pappy reluctantly joined Rotary as part of his 1979-80 missionary assignment in Sri Lanka.
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