2000—Harvard Square Old Burial Ground
Buried Treasures
Student and neighbor, I’d strolled through the old Harvard Square burial ground countless times over forty-some years, admiring the antique stonework and recognizing some names and dates and augmenting my rudimentary knowledge of Cambridge and Harvard history. This spring, it began to percolate through that some of these old burial monuments lent permanence to the memories of my own family members.

Wondering how much of my heritage lay here, I checked with the Cambridge Historical Commission, which holds some key stewardships. They kindly let me examine and photograph this official engineering drawing and referred me to Epitaphs from the old burying-ground in Cambridge, With Notes, by William Thaddeus Harris (1845), as the best extant means of surveying the contents of the Ground and identifying its individual occupants.

The further I penetrated these records, the more of our people and their stories I uncovered, and it became clear that a systematic guide to the Ground would make my efforts more productive.
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