2000—Patriots’ Day
Without question, the best likeness I’ve seen of the inimitable Gus Manderino.

Agostino Manderino, of Arlington and the U. S. Army, met and wed Betty Smith of Tooele, Utah, back in war-time. Afterwards, they settled back in his home town, where he served as a police officer for thirty years.

When I arrived in Cambridge in 1958 and was soon put in charge of Home Teaching records, I was warned that Sister Manderino was a real sweetheart, but her husband the cop was a grouch.

After their five children had all grown and gone, Gus became a beloved pillar of our Arlington Ward.
Gus & Betty
Jo, Emily, and Amy Maitland arrive. Jo remains Valerie’s best friend in this world (if I must yield that distinction); she worked for me for some years at CoMMensa.
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