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These days, (it’s 2020, as I type), we’re instructed to call it “ministering” and I guess that’s an improvement. But if we do it correctly now, or did it correctly then, it’s much the same thing.

Johnny Villaneda and I were assigned as Home Teachers to Peggy Pilling’s family, just as her son Carter was about to turn eight. Peggy was mired in a divorce, at the time; so, it was our duty and opportunity to shepherd Carter through his baptismal transition, sorta in loco of his less-than-totally-present father.

I’d recently fallen in love with a very timely and devotional little number, entitled “Oh, He’s Taken My Feet,” as recorded by Jean Redpath and the Angel Band. So, I ripped the cut off the record (vinyl—this was a while ago), put it on a spare iPod, and made Carter a birthday present of it, along with this bookmark. He’s a sensitive youngster and responded as sweetly as I’d hoped he would.

One of the Angels was Shari Ajemian, an Arlington neighbor and an acquaintance from Abt Associates days. She helped me find and purchase the record, and the project stimulated a very pleasant e-mail interlude.

Here’s the song; hope it will play for you.

Oh, He’s Taken My Feet
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