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My third great-grandfather Appleton Stillman1, son of Grandpa Lieutenant John Stillman and of Grandma Rachel Robbins Stillman, and husband of Grandma Amanda Hurd Stillman, was another of our certified Revolutionary soldier ancestors, although his grave marker doesn’t bear the usual insignia:
“In memory of
Mr Appleton Stillman,
who Died
July 16, 1817
in the 60th Year
of his age”

STILLMAN, APPLETON. Private, Capt. Elijah Deming’s co., Col. Ashley’s (Berkshire Co.) regt.; entered service April 26 1777; discharged May 20, 1777; service, 25 days, at Ticonderoga; company called out at request of Maj. Gen. Gates and ordered to Saratoga; also, same co. and regt.; entered service July 8, 1777; discharged July 28, 1777; service, 20 days; company called out at request of Maj. Gen Schuyler and ordered to march to Fort Edward.2
A cursory leafing through the land records of Colebrook reveals that this Grandpa was a successful and prominent citizen. He, his father Grandpa John, and his brother, our Uncle Robert Stillman were parties to a large fraction of the land transactions that were recorded in Colebrook’s early days. His property on Beech Hill betokened real material success.

1Many genealogical sources (which have doubtless copied each other) refer to Grandpa Appleton as “Appleton Jonathan Stillman.” I’ve been through all the usual primary sources and have found no evidence that he used any middle name. On the other hand, the local church records show the baptism of one Jonathan Stillman, son of John and Rachel, at the time that Appleton would have been tiny. Perhaps they gave him that name at baptism, but then always used “Appleton” thereafter. Sorta the way the Seelys put “Alice” on my Mammy’s birth certificate. Research continues.
2Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War. Boston: Wright & Potter Printing Co., State Printers, 18 Post Office Square. 1907:Volume 15, p. 25.

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