1991—The Asian Branch
“President Frog” 1 and Melvin Herlin, guests
in the Lynn home of Judy Lubinsky,
relaxing (collapsing?) at the end of a long day
of Asian Branch gatherings.

Mel, a stalwart and pioneer of the Weston Ward, was still Cambridge Stake Patriarch, I think, serving concurrently with his Eugenia as a special stake missionary to provide leadership to the Lynn Asian Branch (formerly, when I was first called, the Lynnfield Third Branch). Most of my superb staff, by Stake President Mitt Romney’s design, came from my own One True Ward, Arlington. Something akin to a “twin-cities” concept.
One of my first presidential acts had been to move the unit out of its original suburban chapel setting into rented quarters in the gritty inner-city where its members lived. The few adult members we had found it humiliating to ride a yellow school bus to church. And the bulk of our members were little kids whose parents weren’t interested for themselves, but who thought their children woult benefit.

All that labor should have generated a lot more photos than I seem to be finding. Perhaps the best of the ones I have retained appears on the next page.
1Several years later, I was in Weston for a broadcast of General Conference. Between sessions, friendship groups kinda picnicked on the premises, and I detected the distinctive aroma of Southeast Asian cuisine and approached a cluster of members of my former branch in the hope of cadging some of their goodies. A young fellow, taller than I, came up to me with a broad smile, and I barely recognized one of the dazzlingly cute little kids I’d squired around many times in our Frog, while serving as their branch president. Then his smile turned to puzzlement, as he tried to remember my name: “President…uh, President…” Then, brightening, “President Frog!” I’ve regretted that my gravestone doesn’t bear that title.
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