That winter, the Boston Stake’s Young Marrieds group mounted a field trip to Washington, D.C., and we went along. Stayed with local church members out in Maryland and did the usual touristy things. The classy structure behind Valerie needs no caption.

Sunday morning, the group held a sunrise service at Arlington. We’d made contact with old San Bernardino friends Ken and Gladys Dyal; he’d been Bishop of the Third Ward1 while I was in France, and he was newly elected as San Bernardino County’s Representative in Congress. Ken and Gladys came to the gathering; it was good to see them. We didn’t realize, of course, that it was our last meeting: Gladys died only five years later, and Ken in 1978. After his term in the House, I don’t believe they lived in San Bernardino again, although the family may correct me on this score.

1In that capacity, Ken sent a remarkable Christmas tape to us missionaries in the field in 1961. Gladys led the youth chorus that sang at my missionary farewell, and again the one that sang at my missionary welcome-home gathering in 1964; Ken accompanied, both times, on the piano. I’ve digitized these recordings, in case you wish to hear them again.

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