Human Sociability, aka Dates
Did I ever associate with those of my own species? If you’ve followed the preceding cat pages, you could be forgiven for wondering. Actually, it’s true that I was a lot more comfortable around my felines than among my human peers. The cats loved me and never seemed to judge, no matter how clumsy I was.

When the hormones started1 flowing unmistakably, (I can pinpoint the moment, in the late morning of December 2, 1956) a great deal of insecurity and internal conflict ensued, chez moi. Also a modicum of intraspecies activity, some of it even at my own initiative.
And so here’s another shot of the double-date group already featured here. Must’ve been a major event, what with me in a rented dinner jacket and both adorable young ladies with orchid corsages. Again, that’s Linda Meyer at my side and Valerie Jorgenson (my future permanent partner) at Don Ellsworth’s. All of us arrayed in Pappys’ Corner of the 16th Street living room.
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