Dressed up in “Pappy’s Corner”

The furniture arrangement in Pappy’s Corner did evolve over the years. The lovely Linda Meyer and I pose here on an earlier declining chair, on our way to some dress-up event or other.

Different furniture once again, by this time.

Whatever the shindig we were headed to, Linda was once again my date for the evening, and the gorgeous Valerie Jorgenson was Don Ellsworth’s. Only fitting, of course, because it had only been a year or so since the love of my life (the said Valerie) had moved to town and turned up at Third Ward Sunday School on Don’s (my best friend’s) arm. All our paths have since taken directions that weren’t at all obvious then.

If you can stand it, I’ve put further records of my rather undistinguished dress-up social life here, under the general rubric of of human sociability.

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