Human Sociability, aka Dates
Another triple date, this time around Christmas, 1956. Don is with Kathleen Nebeker, this time. Del went with Kynra Dyal, and I with her little sister Karen.

When I say “little sister,” I don’t exaggerate. By this time, Del and Kynra were graduates in the Pacific High Class of 1956. Del would soon leave as a missionary to Argentina. Don and I were juniors in the Class of 1958. Kathleen and Karen were both still in junior high school and would come to Pacific in the Class of 1960.
You be the judge: do I look petrified? If not, I’d clearly learned a lot about faking serenity. I hope sincerely that Karen had a pleasurable time that evening; she never said otherwise. But I was a basket case.

Only weeks earlier, you see, this very Karen had inadvertently and unknowingly jerked me out of the relative tranquillity of pre-adolescence.
It was Sunday, the second of December, 1956. I arose in the Third Ward’s monthly Fast and Testimony Meeting and said something about this being the last time this year that we’d have this opportunity. Or at least that’s what I meant to say. After the meeting, however, Karen approached me and expressed alarm at the thought that the Andersons were moving away. I was thunderstruck that it would matter to her. Within something between microseconds and hours, I had plunged into a desperate and extended case of what can only be called puppy-love. What a predicament, for a confirmed cat-fancier!
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