2000—Patriots’ Day
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Patriot232w Rick and family forwent the balmy south to join our celebration of Patriots’ Day in chilly April. The kids brought out the flag and waved at “Paul Revere,” as he rode his mare past Timbaloo.

I think the Mass Ave curb we chose fronts the restaurant named Jimmy’s.
I forget his last name, but he was Dave, an Arlington-resident actor who impersonated Ben Franklin professionally, perennially, and very effectively. Don’t know whether this rôle was his principal occupation, but he went around to schools and patriotic events like this. Patriot208w
One Saturday (a Fourth of July, I think), Valerie and I paid something like ten bucks to follow Dave around “his” birthplace and childhood home, then to join him for lunch, downtown. I asked “Ben” how come, bright guy that they say he was, they also say he was so foolish as to fly a kite in a thunderstorm. His reply: “You don’t think I came near that string, do you? That was William! I stood him on a big block of paraffin…”

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