Indoors and out, his walker afforded Rick a first real taste of mobility. Yes, he’d mastered scooting, some time earlier, and never did crawl, but he took to this device with something akin to a teenager’s enthusiasm for his first automobile.
When the walker was not in active use, it took its place in our very efficient little kitchen.1

You’ll have noticed that our lad showed no signs of undernourishment. We were tickled when, as at right, he adopted the classic attitude of the hatchling in the nest.
1On Judgment Day, I expect to have to account for my lifelong failure to provide Valerie with a kitchen worthy of her skills, which I treasure. You’ve seen the Sieve and Crockery Jar, and now the Escondido facility: ’nuff said. She found Belmont, Burlington, and Timbaloo inadequate, too. Have to ask for her assessment of the one in Paris. Chankly’s a lot closer to what she deserves, but it still doesn’t make the grade.
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