2001—October and November: Nauvoo
Treasure Cities
On our way to the West Coast in October, 2001, Valerie and I spent a couple of days in Nauvoo, Illinois, poking around among surviving artifacts and records and becoming more aware of our family connections in this Treasure City. We arrived with a lot of questions. Picked up some answers and also new questions. MansionHouse
Joseph Smith’s Mansion House
The New Nauvoo Temple
By the time we returned for a follow-up visit the next month, we had become aware of 36 family members who took part in the brief, tumultuous, and (all in all) glorious Nauvoo experience. Since then, the total has risen past 100.
The section I put together from this visit, named “Nauvoo2001,” includes pictures and biographical material on the 36.

We also got some good shots of the new Nauvoo Temple, then under construction.
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