Our Mission Together
We stayed with Pappy until January, 1969, when he was released. Those were sweet, strenuous, tender, and eventful days. Our photographic accumulation documents some aspects pretty well (perhaps to excess), and others hardly at all. The links in these bullet-points go to further detail and, where we have them, pictures.

These subtopics don’t carve the experience up at all neatly: the pieces tended to coincide, overlap, and run together. Please try to see the whole: that’s how we lived it.
  • We shared family love and support with Pappy, learning and testing the associated values and limits.

  • Valerie describes her contribution dismissively: “All I did was tend little boys and wash white shirts.” That’s her modesty talking. She filled some pretty unfillable shoes with sweetness, poise, and diligence, as anybody who knows (except herself) will tell you.
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