1994—Maggie, Toddler
“Still Life With Chocolate Chips”
Vlad the Punkin?
N001706DebMag OK, the rule holds for first grandchildren as well as for first children: across the generations, such a being (especially if as adorable as our own Maggie) gets ’way more than her share of the available photographic attention.

In the first picture, above, our Littlest Celebrity provides Valerie’s best credential to date as a Great Photographer. With her little box camera. That’s Timbaloo’s kitchen counter, backlit from the space on the north side of the garage. This image has always put me in mind of a Dutch master, but I’m a prejudiced evaluator.

The second one, on the porch of the house in Penacook, New Hampshire, just weeks before her second birthday, and the one at left, with Auntie Debbie, just have to give you the giggles.
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