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Oliver II and Hepzibah Wheeler, our distinguished New Hampshire pioneer ancestors, gave the world a round dozen children. We’ve mentioned Uncle Eli and (in passing) Grandpa Oliver III.
Two of their daughters, Abigail (#8) and Betsy (#11) had between them three interesting husbands (our 5th great-uncles-by-marriage) and one fascinating child. They share an extended story, combining good news and bad news.

On 8 June 1815, Aunt Betsy (1792-1879) married 17-year-old Joseph Carter (1798-?), a Hillsborough boy. She was 23 years old: a respectable age for marriage, if a tad late. But he was 17: very young. It was a surprising match. People must have wondered. We still do.

The next year, she gave birth to our VERY interesting cousin Jason. Young Uncle Joseph didn’t stay around long; he ran away to sea, where he soon died and was buried on the shore of South Carolina, or perhaps at sea around there. And so ends the short, sad story of Uncle Joseph.

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