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Living descendants of Caleb and Caroline, still in Hamburg, remember the house as the family homestead. One of them, my cherished fifth cousin once removed Mary Garret Shannon, has blessed our shared family with a wonderful collection of research and memories, assembled on as the Shannon Family Tree. She has kindly invited* me to her Tree as a Guest, and we continue to share what we’ve learned about our people.

Mary posted this story on her Tree. Juliet, its featured haunt, was the stepdaughter mentioned on the previous page:

*If you would like to have access to Mary’s Tree, please contact me, and I’ll give you Mary’s e-mail address. I haven’t yet asked her permission to publish it here. Or you could just go to and search for the Shannon Family Tree. What they let you see will depend on your membership situation (if any) with them.
Around an old fieldstone house on M-36 in Hamburg Township unfolds a tale of unrequited love, a suicide, and a suspected murder which has haunted the imagination of many local residents.

Legend has it that the old “Stone House” was inhabited many years ago by on ailing husband and his wife who will remain nameless for reasons that will soon become apparent. It was believed the husband suffered from arthritis or a like disease that eventually made it impossible for him to complete the chores around his farm. His wife dutifully took him to far away spas to stove off his debilitating illness, but he only took a turn for the worse and left her a widow.

During the husband’s decline, the wife was forced to hire a field hand to run the local farm, and the new employee moved there with his wife. As fate would have it,
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