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James Carter and his wife Abi Wheeler, married 27 May 1802, my (5G) uncle and aunt.

Abi was Hepzibah’s and Oliver’s daughter. Their firstborn, who entered the world via her father’s home town of Acton 12 Feb 1775, nine weeks before the Lexington alarm, some three years before the young family moved to New Hampshire. Her brother Louis was born 4 Sept 1776, also in Acton. The remaining ten children were born in Hillsborough.

Abi and James married older than was typical for the time and place: he was about 39 and she 27. But they had a long life together, dying less than two years apart: she 6 March 1846, aged 71, and he 16 Oct 1847, aged 86.

The veterans’ decoration on James’ grave asserts that he, like his father-in-law, was a Revolutionary soldier. I need to look further into that. He was only about 14 when the War broke out, but he’d have been old enough (alas) to serve before it was over.

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