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Edwin Sobieski Little (1816-1846) was the firstborn of James and Susanna Young Little. Father James was killed in a wagon accident in the autumn of 1822, leaving Susanna (a sister of Uncle Brigham Young) a young widow with three little boys: Uncle Edwin (6), Uncle Feramorz (2), and James (an infant); daughter Eliza had died earlier.

In the spring of 1832, Edwin and the Young family joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Mendon, Munroe County, New York.
Edwin became our uncle 22 March 1842, by marrying Aunt Harriet Amelia Decker, daughter of (3G) grandparents Isaac and Harriet Decker.

Their marriage lasted only four years, as Edwin died after a brief illness at Richardson’s Point, in the evacuation from Nauvoo, leaving Aunt Harriet a young widow with an orphaned son, George Edwin Little (born at Nauvoo, 6 August 1844). Uncle Brigham’s journal relates:
“Wednesday, 18 -- Richardson’s Point. At 7:20 A.M., Edwin Little died, and was buried at dusk on the divide between Fox and Chequest rivers…immediately West of the Grave of Sidney Tanner’s child …”
Five weeks before Edwin’s death, Uncle Feramorz Little married Harriet’s sister, Aunt Fannie Maria Decker, making Edwin briefly his own wife’s brother-in-law.

Aunt Harriet and little cousin George crossed the plains together. In 1848, in Salt Lake, she made an uncle of the famous Ephraim Knowlton Hanks, to whom she bore another seven children.
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