CNN in Arlington
By this time (the sixth of June, 2012) Chris and Mary Beth had given up their apartment in the Ten Hills neighborhood of Somerville and had returned to the Doyle homestead in East Arlington that Mary Beth’s grandfather had built, and in which she had grown up. Peggy Doyle was in her last days, and Chris became her primary caregiver until the end.

We were already in the very pleasant habit of enjoying their hospitality and particularly the distinguished cuisine of our Number Three Son.* Peggy had died, and the house belonged to Mary Beth. So, when CNN called and requested an in-person interview with me while we were in the Boston area, our kids graciously agreed to let Gloria Borger and her camera crew disrupt their usual quiet routine.

They took lots of video during our conversation, and some, curiously, on the sidewalk in front of the Doyle digs. We talked mainly about Mitt’s rôle in The Accident and his leadership in the Mission during Pappy’s convalescence. I read briefly, on camera, from Mammy’s journal. Other news outlets quoted me extensively later from the record of that interview. On June 24, for example, the New York Times:
Interviews with survivors and people who were directly involved in the accident’s aftermath largely confirm his description. “Mitt was not in any way at fault,” said Richard B. “Andy” Anderson, a son of Leola Anderson, who at the time of the accident was 27, attending graduate school at Harvard and living in Belmont. Anderson, who now lives in Kaysville, Utah, said he has gotten to know Romney in a variety of church roles over the years, and considers him to be a friend. “If I had any reason to think he was in the slightest degree at fault…**” The accident took place on a curving, two-lane highway in southern France in an area that, at the time, was rife with car crashes. In fact, Romney had passed another car accident on the same road, just before the collision. And France at the time was a notoriously dangerous place to drive.
Borger’s people had promised me a DVD of their subsequent broadcast, but it never came. And since we had deep-sixed our television, years before, I’ve never viewed it.
*I’ve always been pleased that our children, boys included, are fine cooks. Would like to take some credit on account of our Saturday morning collaborations, in their earlier years.
**I’ve come in for some subsequent hassle over that ellipsis.
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