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Lorenzo Dow Young Lorenzo Dow Young had extensive holdings elsewhere in Hancock County. The only one of his properties that shows on the map lay in Kimball I, Block 6, Lot 31, and it’s on the wrong side of Durphy for any meaningful photography.

It’s not at all clear to me whether any or all of the Decker kids (or Harriet, for that matter) took up immediate residence in Dow’s household, on their arrival in Nauvoo. We don’t know enough about Isaac Decker’s tenancy in Block 160 to have any clear idea whether any of his “first family” lived with him there, or if so, when.

For convenience, we assign Harriet and the Decker kids to Dow’s household.
One record (Utah Historical Quarterly, Volume XIV, page 174) says that Isaac’s daughter Clara “…was married from her father’s house in Nauvoo.” To Brigham Young. In 1843. Before her sixteenth birthday. By that time, her mother had been Lorenzo Dow Young’s wife for a couple of years; perhaps the wedding took place at one of Dow’s properties.
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