Journal June 18-25, 1962
June 18 (continued)—We’ve set Sister Chaussonnier’s baptism for tomorrow, the 19th. She was a convinced member of the sect called the Friends of Man—a sort of Salvation Army. It was a bit hard for her to leave this organization, but she has a strong testimony, and her [151] intelligence won’t let her stay in an imperfect religion after finding the true one.

June 20—Sister Chaussonnier was baptized yesterday; here are the vital statistics:

Aurélie Anne-Marie Chaussonnier, baptized in the lake at the Lande d’Ouée by Elder Anderson, and confirmed afterwards by Robins, June 19, 1962.

This marks the end of a long dry period. Since the baptism of Sister Salomon almost three months ago, we’ve approached the water with somebody eight times, but we’ve been disappointed each time. Not this time, though: Sister Chaussonnier has a powerful testimony. And why? Simply because she prayed to receive it.

Likewise, after several meetings and lots of prayer on her part and ours, Monique Cauche has set her baptismal date for next Sunday. The daughter has a healthier attitude than her mother’s. For Monique, faith shows [152] itself simply and quickly, while Mme Fauchard has a tendency to trust in dreams and to seek for signs. She’s not grossly unbelieving, though, and her considerable intelligence helps her a great deal to understand the Gospel.

Eight months in the same apartment! That’s a record for chez Besnard, and nobody’s likely to surpass it after me, since we’re getting ready to move to another apartment.

Elder Bennion is going to Paris today, and he’s requisitioned me to accompany him as far as Angers. I’ll stay there for the next two days. Finally, I’ll get to work in another city! Should be a different experience.

Aurélie Chaussonnier

June 25—Monique Cauche’s baptism awaits only her mother’s permission, but she (Mme Fauchard) won’t give it until she clears it with her ex-husband, Sister Cauche’s father. As for him, he’s in Nice, and he doesn’t care about religion, either [153] his daughter’s or his own. Mother and daughter are both coming to Sister Cholet’s baptism this afternoon; she’s an investigator of Elders Peterson and Halliday. We’ll see whether or not the experience does them any good.
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