Journal January 15, 1963
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The publications office on the ground floor of the Mission Home (the only photo I seem to have of my home base through all of 1963).
Folks who needed supplies would line up behind the counter in the foreground, roughly where the camera was.
Those were my typewriter, desk, and chair; the desk partially visible at right was assigned to my companion,
the Mission Printer (Elder Grant Lynn Bybee (he goes by Lynn), then later Elder Ronald Anstead).
The barred window looked out on rue de Lota; here’s an oblique view of it from the street.
January 15, 1963—It has happened: I’m officially and effectively transferred to Paris, to learn to take over the responsibilities of the marvelous Sister Elouise Bell, editor of the mission’s publications and supply manager, when she finishes her mission on February 15. I’ll have to edit the Étoile, the Diary, and the Conversion Chronicle, and I’ll be in charge of all the [228] literature, supplies, and other materials that members and missionaries obtain through the Mission. My predecessor is a prodigious example of energy and talent, and I must confess that the prospect of taking her place terrifies me more than a little.

Elouise M. Bell—a later publicity photo filched from the Web
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