Christmas: sweetness and loot
This has to be 1943, as I approached my third birthday. Am I king of the world, or what? Just look at all those goodies.

While you’re at it, you can’t miss the wartime Home Entertainment Center, also know as our wonderful Zenith console radio. We’d hurry home from Church every Sunday to gather around for Jack Benny, Phil Harris, Dennis Day, and other wonders of the era.
I come honestly by my enduring insistence that a proper Christmas tree requires many, many manually-applied foil icicles. Not sure whether Pappy or Mammy (or both) hung these. Pretty sure I didn’t.

And does it get any sweeter than this shot of Pappy and me, Kipling together? Mammy must have taken it; we don’t often see enough of him in this collection, inasmuch as he was usually behind the lens.
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