[6] recited a scripture in French. Next stop, breakfast. Hot cereal, bananas, boiled eggs, bread and butter, milk. All of each one might want. Luscious, really.

Instructions until 3 p.m., with time off for lunch. Received counsel from President and Sister Hinckley, and Elders Dodd, Nelson, Woolley, and Cowan. Pres. Hinckley becomes more and more impressive as a man and a leader. Sis. Hinckley is just as motherly as first impressions indicated, but she seems to be infected with an unfortunately advanced case of contagious bigotry and chauvinism. Doesn’t seem to like French living conditions much and doesn’t mind saying so. Elder Dodd seems rather more human today, though very little less taciturn. Elder Nelson shows an innate and irrepressible streak of waggishness which he tries manfully to conceal in the interest of the ministry and his ministerial dignity.

Interviewed by President Hinckley shortly after lunch. Said to be a leader. Wonder if this means I’m to be put with a dead-head for a first companion...

Group went downtown to the American Express office, by l’Opéra, to get about thirty bucks American changed into nouveaux francs for traveling expenses. Stopped at a pharmacie on the way back and succeeded in purchasing (for 2NF80, about 56ยข) a pair of insoles for my shoes. Thrill, thrill!
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