Journal October 29 - 31, 1961
Maybe I’d better start a traduction of the DHC. That might manage to keep him busy for a couple of weeks. Y’know, he even looks like Joseph Fielding Smith. Delightful sort of member, yes?

Another story on JFV: Before his conversion, he was a chain-smoking wino. When the parole de sagesse was presented to him, he listened intently. The Elder said, “I realize it may be hard for you to obey this commandment...” – “Yes, you’re right” – “…but we know the Lord will help you.” – “Yes, I know he will, too. But I don’t need his help; I can do it by myself!” Thus spake Joseph Fielding Valton. Thus did Daniel (Joseph Fielding) Valton. Good man.

10-30 Baptism came off perfectly, despite my [20] uncoordination. The brethren at Nantes have a pretty nice setup for baptisms. But then they need it, at the rate the ten missionaries there are baptizing. At any rate, soeur Fernande Trumier is showing the happiness that only the Spirit can give. I thank the Lord that I was able to participate in her initial associations with the Church.

Wrote to Dr. Bishop Hansen a letter paying my dentist bill 1 and bearing my testimony. Hope he can use it to provoke someone at home to diligence.
10-31 Hallowe’en, but nobody celebrates it here. The big holiday is tomorrow. Toussaint. Just about everybody spends the day crying in the cemeteries. Gay, huh?

A pretty good day, although I’m getting a taste of the discouragement of missionary work. There are occasional moments when I lose my sense of direction and of implusion[?], but the Spirit soon restores them. I love these beautiful people more all the time, and that alone would be enough to keep me active. We’re using, under orders, a new British replacement for tracting called “friendlyizing.” With member’s permission, we go around and invite his neighbors to a little soirĂ©e, at which we show slides of the West and generally shoot the breeze. Of course we give them the first contact [21] message near the end of the evening and invite them to come to group cottage meetings. Et cetera…

Soeur Delétang is our first hostess, and we’ve invited about ten families to her place for Friday night.

1Before I left San Bernardino, Dr. Donald Hansen (then bishop, since stake president, now alas deceased) cleaned and checked my teeth, putting in a couple of shallow fillings in nascent cavities that he’d been watching for years. Didn’t even need novocaine. Went to pay, and he said he’d charge me one convert baptism.
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