Journal October 31 - November 1, 1961
Looks as if Soeur Trumier’s mother may well come through. She was very nice to us yesterday. I’m betting on her for our next. Maybe next week.
Our art student abandoned us tonight. He refuses to pray in order to learn anything; so we can’t do anything for him now. Maybe the Spirit will get through to him later. Hope so; he’s really a rather decent sort.

The three students we met with for the third time are coming along somewhat better. She’s practically converted, but the husband and brother make problems. Too much sophistication and too little honesty. Particularly among the men. Why will polygamy be necessary?

11-1 It’s Toussaint, and the tracting (friendlyizing, rather) was pretty poor what with everybody out bawling in the graveyard. We got cornered by an old gent who wouldn’t let us go until he had bent our ears for a solid hour, saying why he admired the Mormons but wouldn’t want to be one. Ate out, because all the stores are closed for the holiday.

Saw soeur Calloc’h again – she’s just as histrionic [22] as before, despite being laid up with the grippe. She gave us some referrals. Stopped at the north cemetery to take a quick look at the pagan practices there. If anything was there in more profusion than crucifixes, it was flowers. People ran a close third. Confirms my determination to be buried at sea, should anybody survive me to do it.

Visited soeur Dumont, who stuffed us, as usual, with goodies. I call her soeur Pain d’Épice (Sister

Soeur “pain d’épice“ Dumont

Spice-Bread)—it amuses her beaucoup.

Our “Bomber” (the bonne-femme of chez Besnard) is a real bargain. For 2NF00 (40¢) a week from each of us, she spends about four hours and infinite energy bombing through the place just cleaning the heck out of it. And she washes out our socks, to boot. Soeur
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