Report Cards, 1956
All that schoolwork has left little in the way of concrete memorabilia, apart from a few surviving grade report cards. Here they are for the two semesters of my sophomore (10th grade) year:

“Louie,” a principal guardian angel and trusty friend, led off with College Prep English (dunno whether the “XY” designation had anything to do with chromosomes).
“Uncle Harry”Harbaugh ran the Band.

“Mother Mary” Gottlieb taught Public Speaking. Not sure how much of my subsequent success in the field to credit to her and how much to my “Mormon” upbringing. Some of each, doubtless.

Harold Southworth taught geometry,
and John Dean Dandliker Latin, both terms.

First Norm Fawley, and then department head John Grenfell, made sure I got As in P.E., despite my manifest incompetence.

Finally, the estimable Louis Lopez rounded out the day with Social Studies.
I seem to have signed the “Period 4: Lunch” line, myself.
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