President McKay
Valerie was still in Seminary a year later for the next Graduates’ Day; I heard about it and was sorry to have missed it. Hugh B Brown was a tough act to follow, but here’s the gentleman who could do it.

Through two missions1 in France, and throughout the overlap in our lifetimes, I’ve had the honor of telling a lot of people that David O McKay was a prophet of God. It was so. I believed it then, and I still believe it. As you see here, he was also an exceedingly presentable Church leader.2

President David O McKay gives the hand of fellowship
to a San Bernardino Seminary student.

The back cover of the 1958 Graduates’s Day program locates President McKay, Pappy, Jim Allen, and other friends and associates in organizational context in the Church Education system.
1President McKay approved our 1968 mission to Paris in an unusual fashion.
2These days (2011) our Kaysville Haight Creek Stake has Kyle McKay (a great-nephew) as its president. Some of us old-timers can’t suppress a startle reaction when people refer to “President McKay.”
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