Seminary 1956-57
Three years of Seminary entitled one to graduate, in those days. They awarded this diploma in 1958, after I had completed four years (Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Church History/Doctrine and Covenants). Not quite sure what accounts for the discrepancy: I seem to recall some sort of supplementary certification for those who stuck with the full cycle of studies.

Note, by the way, the correspondence between the motto of the Church Educational System and that of our Pacific High baccalaureate service in conjunction with Graduation, 1958. I’ve already suggested that this was no accident. And that most of those in public-school authority didn’t make the connection.

This diploma marked the completion of my time as a Seminary student. In due time, as Pappy would say, we’ll get to my two diverse stints as a teacher in the same organization. Pappy and Mammy, though, Seminary people from the start, remained so for years after my departure. Some of the pictures they preserved reflect this involvement, and I’ll include them in the next few pages.
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