1977—the Historic Playroom
And via hearsay, we learned its history, little by little. Two possibly unconnected stories:
Story #1: An elderly cab driver picked me up for an airport run, and I asked why he was chuckling. “Oh,” he replied, “I was just remembering my younger days, when I used to tend bar in your basement.”

Story #2: In 1941 (their website says 1943), Tom Butler and two friends organized the Touchdown Club at his home (later our Timbaloo), where it met until it outgrew the basement room. Seventy years later, it’s Arlington’s largest and most active men’s service club. When our Cyndi graduated from high school, the Club singled her out for an impressive honor, about which more at the right point in the chronology. The historic bar, moreover, played an influential role in our eventual profitable sale of the property to a former Touchdown president.
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