Elizabeth Bradley Elementary School, 1946-52
We were in town only a short time before September, 1946, when the folks enrolled me in kindergarten at the Elizabeth Bradley Elementary School, which still (2005) operates under its original name at 1300 Valencia Avenue, San Bernardino. Driving down Valencia in the early days of the Twenty-First Century, I find the school looking pretty much as I remember it, except that I don’t think the chain-link fence used to extend all the way past the main buildings.

The neighborhood has lost ground in sixty years. It’s hard to ignore the signs of socioeconomic devolution: the current inhabitants hide behind a lot more walls and fences, and they just don’t take care of the place as well as their predecessors did.

On the other hand, it’s nice to note the results of half a century of tree-growth. ’Way back then, I would walk to school among the pathetic little staked-out saplings that developers put into new housing developments, then and now. In the days of the immediate post-war construction boom, I lacked the imagination, faith, or whatever to picture the shady (if a bit shabby) suburban road that has evolved.
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