Journal February 22, 1964
February 22—The work becomes more and more encouraging. We met, the other day, an “Evangelist” family named Pierchon. Their first discussion was a big success.

Moreover, young Viviane Weber is ready for baptism, which will happen in a week—at the same time, we hope, as that of Mike Pillsbury.
February 23—Gave, this evening a good half-hour talk in Sacrament Meeting on the subject of Order in the Church. I attach my notes—it was a true H.F.&D.
February 29—This morning, Elder Parker baptized Viviane Nicole Guylène WEBER, and I confirmed her a member of the Church. Likewise present were investigator sisters PIERCHON and DE LA ROCHE, as well as Patrick CASTRE. The latter two expressed their satisfaction, whereas the first found the service insufficiently noisy—she may be too accustomed to the Assembly of God.
March 2, 1964—Took part today in the most marvelous Church meeting of my life to date, in every way. The whole Mission gathered on the first étage of the Eiffel Tower. The morning session consisted mainly of two and a half hours of President Marion D. Hanks, who spoke mainly about the new program of integration that they’re getting started in the European missions. But that didn’t keep him from his favorite subject: the need of missionaries to study the Holy Scriptures and to quit being satisfied to be spiritually ignorant and illiterate. As always, we were well edified by what he had to say.
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