This wasn’t quite a hack, properly speaking, but it was certainly a kindred event. We see here John Reed, Richie Garber, and Roy Harris at the intersection of Stuart and Tremont Streets, in Boston’s Theatre District. I may have taken this photo, since I was there but don’t appear.

It was a chilly evening in 1960. United Artists was holding a gala premier for the epic war film Exodus at the Saxon Theatre in Boston. The movie was strongly, even heavily pro-Israel and starred Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint, Ralph Richardson, Peter Lawford, Lee J. Cobb, Sal Mineo, John Derek, and others.
As if that were not a long enough list of characters, George Lincoln Rockwell announced that he was going to bring his American Nazi Storm Troopers to picket the opening. So, B'nai B'rith promptly declared its intention to picket the picketers. Deploring as we did all bad feelings and manifestations thereof, we decided to show up and picket everybody. My sign said:

“Ah hates bigots.
Where Ah comes frum,
we hangs all the bigots
we kin ketch!”

Not sure which side the fellow represented who wrenched it out of my hands and hit me over the head with it. In typical intrepid fashion, I scuttled to the sidewalk on hands and knees and wound up leaning against the building, right next to Eric Sevareid, who stood there talking into his news microphone.

It was fascinating to compare what Mr Sevareid said with what my eyes were telling me. I’ll just comment that the two didn’t match up very well. His trained eyes were obviously qualified to see a lot more people and a lot more violence than my poor layman’s eyes could discern.

This memory returns, every time I’m tempted to take utterances from “The News” at face value…
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