Journal January 3-7, 1962
January 3—Elder David Halliday arrived, replacing our poor, banged-up Elder Enos. He will be Elder Hill’s first junior companion. Our gentle, guileless Elder “Stick” is a bit nervous, inasmuch as Elder Halliday seems to be an educated guy with a sharp tongue. They’ll get along, though: they’re both pleasant fellows.

Elder Miller’s replacement is Elder David F. Crockett (yup! turns out we also have Elder David S. Crockett, also assigned to labor in Bretagne!) He hasn’t yet arrived, nor has our Supervising Elder (“the old Indian”), Elder Fyffe, returned. All the Mormons in Rennes are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Davy Crockett and the Indian! There’s some speculation that Elder Fyffe, who has only three or four months left in his mission, is being called as a traveling elder. Could be; we’ll know soon.
January 4—Conference tomorrow. Bonsoir.
January 5—Held, at Tours, a conference of all the missionaries in Bretagne. Lasted almost all day; I was exhausted. President Hinckley and President Woolley came. Mostly a gigantic testimony meeting, with everybody taking part.

I’m told that the Jews in Jerusalem are actively buying lots of French stone, so that they can build a Temple in Jerusalem. If that’s true, the time’s getting close, eh?

Elder Richard “Stick” Hill and Elder David Halliday.

January 6— We keep getting referrals in unusual ways. And again, our source is Sister Delétang. We were chatting with her about the family in the tower, and suddenly she said, “By the way, that lady’s sister would like to talk with you. You passed her place three times, but you’ve never even asked to be invited in, even though you’ve spoken twice!” We were puzzled, of course, until she made it clear that she was talking about a neighbor of a referral that Sister Charmel had given us in the other elders’ district. We’ve agreed, of course, not to tract outside our area. But now, that neighbor’s a referral

January 7— We’re worried about Sister Calloc’h. She’s very discouraged and doesn’t see how she can manage to keep the commandments.
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