Our Feline Familialities
Most of our cat-pictures show my Pinky the Wuss, (Spoonerized from “Winky the Puss”: her eyes came open one at a time, dictu not particularly mirabile), her various kittens, and her litter-mate brother Blue Boy (a.k.a ”Slob”).

Nothing much depicts their mother Candy, nor her mother Popcorn (boy, were we ever creative in our early feline onomastications!).
Which had more to do, I think, with the evolving contents of our camera drawer than with any wish to neglect the earlier furry generations. On the other hand, my relationship with Pinky was something memorable, and I haven’t yet come across a shot of her younger contemporary, Nok-nok (originally Nocturne). So maybe I’m not absolved of favoritism, after all.

Pinky’s granny, Popcorn, by the way, was the cat who loved to supplement her diet, in season, with June bugs. These were beetles about an inch long that would fairly swarm over the porch screens, especially near the light. She’d jump up and bump the screens to dislodge them, whereupon they would fall to the concrete and lie on their backs, squeaking. Until she’d amble along and crunch them. Two good, audible chews each, and then she’d move along to her next victim.

Also please check out (even multiple times: it’s worth it) Pappy’s famous “Jumpin’ Pinky” shot.

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