Journal May 1, 1963
This letter survives, perhaps because it still resides between the pages of my journal. I’m guessing that Valerie never got around to copying the journal-entry portion into the book.

I’ve translated that into these pages at its proper chronological point. It includes my account of the marvelous all-Mission conference that we held on the Eiffel Tower, shortly before my release. I hope to find, eventually, what I wrote about the prelude to this episode, when the entire Mission went to the Temple in Switzerland.

For the moment, this record is silent on the months of February, March and April. Then…
May 1—Last Saturday morning, President Hinckley received a letter from President Moyle (Jr.) mentioning, among other things, the convening of a literature committee meeting, and could President Hinckley be in Geneva on the 2nd of May. Since the bulk of the letter concerned my department, the President asked me to answer it for him. In the answer, I got my wires crossed and assured President Moyle that President Hinckley would be very glad to come to Geneva on the 3rd, thank you! Well, after this letter left, the President mentioned that he wanted me to come with him to Switzerland, and so we both blissfully made preparations [236] to take off via Swissair on Thursday the 2nd, not realizing, of course, the mistake I’d made.

Meanwhile, in London, big financial deals were brewing, and President Petersen came to Paris to discuss some of them with President Hinckley (A special staff meeting was called this morning, so that the staff could be enjoined not to divulge certain facts that were let slip over the dinner table while the Great Man from Leatherhead was here). Anyhow, the final meeting of this whole big noise was scheduled for the 2nd, but the presidents had thought that all had been arranged here in Paris and that President Hinckley’s presence would not be required in London on the 2nd. …More, next page…
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