H. Duane Anderson
Here’s my honored Pappy, at his desk in the Mission President’s office at 3, rue de Lota, Paris XVI. His central workplace, from June, 1967, through January, 1969. No other place, I think, so fully captures his mortal experience, from the pinnacle of achievement and joy to the valley of despair. But we get ahead of ourself.
Baby portrait |  Christmas 1940 in Price, by the fire |  Crutches |  Colombo |  Missionary |  Loved all things French |  Language lab |  With students |  Teacher |  Snow in San Berdoo |  Beach monster |  String of fish, circa 1928 |  Family porch scene, circa 1922 |  In mother’s arms |  Pigeons in Spain, alas |  Portraits, circa 1915 |  With Ruth and Clair, circa 1924 |  With Ruth, Clair, dog, circa 1924 |  Solemn youth group |  Drum |  Academic Mortar-board |  With Bruce Ellis |  Pappy’s beautiful baby-photography 1946: Teaching job in California Treasured his real-newspaper-photographer’s-big-black Speed Graphic camera Among Seelys, Christmas 1941 |  “Andy”, to close friends   |  Played tennis  |  Photographer  |  Experimented with backlighting  |  Parents and grandparents by the fire in Price  |  35-mm enthusiast   | 
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Such a Life
Chapter Six
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