Meanwhile, back at the Mission Home

Elder Charles Crosby

Elder Howell

Sister Crnkovic
and Elder Brigham
We helped Pappy run the Mission and the Mission Home and enjoyed our associations with the missionaries, the members, and visiting Church officials. Whatever tasks and errands President Pappy assigned us, we did. These are Pappy’s memory shots; we met these missionaries at our Christmas visit. Just-released ex-Elder Crosby stayed with us in Belmont, on his way home, before we came in 1968.

This shot of the visiting Winders will give you a better idea of the romantic décor of the Blue Room, across the entry hall from the President’ Office. Sister Crnkovic and Elder Brigham seem to have managed to share it; back in 1963, its magic may have worked a bit more strongly on a couple of my friends.

Ned Winder served then and for a long time as Executive Secretary of the Missionary Committee in Salt Lake. If I recall aright, it fell to Brother Winder to break the news of the accident to Boyd Packer, not long after Pappy captured them here. He didn’t understand immediately why Elder Packer paused so long, before responding…
Ned and Gwen Winder
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