1973: Ornamentation
A tape-letter1 came from Pappy and Norma, providing some details on their acquisition of this decorative item in their bedroom in San Bernardino:
At our last visit to the Gift Show in Los Angeles, in July, we saw just exactly what we wanted. It was a large spray, just like the branch of a tree, with leaves and flowers on it, in copper, with enamel in green and blue...really a very beautiful thing, about four feet long, about two feet wide, in the widest place. We put two of them together: one goes one way, and one goes the other...we put the stems together on the bottom, and then up on a forty-five degree angle on each side. Then we attached fifty of those little, tiny lights, all in among the flowers. And it really looks nice.

1Here’s the audio clip; hope it will play for you. The Headboard Decoration

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